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For over 25 years, I've walked the path of recovery, I beat addiction and its grip on my life. That journey, interwoven with navigating trauma and grief, forged a deep understanding of their impact. I know firsthand the struggle to transform debilitating thoughts, emotions, and habits. But here's the truth: change is possible, and within it lies a rediscovered self, a life seen through "fresh, clear" eyes.

This profound personal transformation fueled my passion to guide others through their own journeys. I became equipped to help people move through the change process, proving that stagnation isn't their destiny. As I often say, "With the unwavering support of dedicated professionals who believed in me, I found the strength to invest in myself, and so can you."

My expertise reflects this commitment. I hold credentials as a CADAC II Addiction Counselor, MATS (Medicated Assisted Treatment Specialist), AGRMS (Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist), CCTSA (Clinical Trauma Specialist-Addiction), a Mindfulness Teacher/Practitioner, and a Master Life Coach.

My impact extends beyond individual sessions. I'm a Trainer for the SAMSHA Gains Center, where I facilitate trainings on "How Being Trauma Informed Improves Criminal Justice Responses." This initiative educates and empowers law enforcement, the judicial system, corrections personnel, and anyone serving clients entangled in the criminal justice system.


My driving force? Witnessing the spark of hope ignite in others, empowering them to reclaim their joy, embrace change, and invest fully in themselves. That's the true reward, and I'm here to walk alongside you on your path to rediscovery.

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