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I have worked in the field of addiction for more than 20 years. I have been in recovery from addiction for more than 25 years. I understand how addiction, trauma and grief affect a person’s life. I have personally been challenged to change my thinking, emotions that were debilitating, and habits; I discovered a new identity for myself and a look at life with “fresh clear” eyes.


I have equipped myself to help people move through the change process and discover they don't have to stay stuck. I always say "I did it with great support from professionals who were willing to invest in me, if I was willing to invest in myself." 


I have credentials for addiction counseling (CADAC II), Medicated Assisted Treatment Specialist (MATS), Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist (AGRMS), Clinical Trauma Specialist-Addiction (CCTSA), Mindfulness Teacher/Practitioner  and I am an Advanced Life Coach (ALC).

My desire is to help people realize there is hope to regain their joy, change and become more invested in themselves.

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