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The Valley and the Mountain: A Story of Contrasting Journeys

Life can be a challenging journey, and it is often in the valley that I have faced some of my greatest struggles. Yet, paradoxically, it is precisely in the valley that I can experience profound growth and transformation. The grass may appear greener on the mountain, yet it is in the valley that the water of life flows, nourishing and revitalizing us. 


In the valley, I have been forced to come head on and face my limitations and vulnerabilities. The terrain is often rugged and unforgiving, and I am required to adapt and persevere in order to survive. This can be a difficult and trying experience: going through those times, I realize it is also a unique opportunity for growth and self-discovery. As I navigate the challenges of the valley, I have developed resilience, resourcefulness, and a deeper understanding of myself, experienced the joy of meaningful support and am more acquainted and content with my space and place in the world.


In contrast, the mountain top may appear to be a peaceful and serene destination. The air is crisp and clean, and the view can be breathtaking. However, the mountain is not always a peaceful place. The climb is often arduous and treacherous, and the weather can be unpredictable and unforgiving. Moreover, the mountain is a solitary and isolating place, and the silence can be deafening at times.

Despite the allure of the mountain top, it is often in the valley I find true fulfillment and self-awareness. The valley is a place of connection and community, where I have shared my struggles and triumphs with others. It is a place of growth and transformation, where I learn and evolve as a person, a woman, a daughter, a relative, a friend, an entrepreneur, as a child of God. 


 Here are some facts about valleys that parallel my valley journeys:


Valleys are landforms between 2 mountains - I guess I am guaranteed to have some type of valley journey leaving one mountain and headed to the next


Valleys are often fertile and ideal for agriculture - Valley terrain is where valuable lessons impacted in my life, where growth occurred in my personal development and in my business


Valleys can vary in shape and size - My valley journeys have never been cookie-cutter.  They have been in different areas of my life, each providing individualized educational opportunities


Valleys are home to a diverse ecosystem - Just like valleys support a wide variety of plant and animal species, valley journeys have allowed me to evaluate a wide variety of emotions and assess my emotional balance and well-being


Valleys have unique weather patterns - Valleys unfold exclusive experiences tailor-made for me


While the mountain top may appear to be a desirable destination, it is often in the valley that I have experienced the most profound and lasting growth. The valley is a place of challenge and transformation, where I can develop the strength, resilience, and wisdom that I need to navigate the complexities of life. 


Whether you find yourself at the peak of the MOUNTAINTOP or deep in the VALLEY, remember that each place offers its own unique journey. Embrace the challenges and transformations of your current location, knowing that you will eventually experience the journey of the other.


Jan Davidson


Growing Through My Journey





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